Nihilcrons: We Believe in Nothing

Current Necrons 1,000 point list. Continue reading


Current 1,000 Point Space Wolves Army List

Here is the current 1,000 point Space Wolves army that I am using: Continue reading


1,000 Points Space Wolves List + Land Raider Fun

Since I work from home, I spend half the day thinking up variations of Space Wolves armies. I’ve come up with two 1,000 point armies that I plan on playing, given my mood. This current one has the ever fun and ever expensive Land Raider Redeemer. Continue reading

Some New Space Wolves

While we’re all getting our armies setup, etc. I have begun painting my army since I’m ahead of the curve and have a full 1,000 point army at my disposal already. Here are two Grey Hunters that I’ve recently painted. Continue reading